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Are there different softair systems?

Spring action
Within the field of spring action guns the butt spring is clamped by pulling the slide. Through pressing the trigger the air of the butt is converted into compressed air and is then from the butt opening pressed through the barrel. Before shooting, the gun has to be repeated by hand.

GBB (Gas Blow Back)
These kinds of guns require gas or CO2   as propellant. Through pressing the trigger a valve gets opened and the exhausting gas powers the bullet. At the same time the slide repeats to the back, comparable to a real gun. Thus a real shooting experience is interfered.

NBB (Gas Non Blow Back)
These kinds of guns operate like the ones of the Blow Back System. However the slide is adjusted on the gun and does not repeat. That leads to a decreased propellant consumption.
AEG / S-AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
Airsoft guns with an AEG-System have an electric motor with a gear box. After pressing the trigger the butt spring and the butt get clamped over a rack. In the second stage of the engine rev the butt spring relaxes again and the bullet gets powered due to the compressed air. This process can be repeated as long as the trigger is pressed. The electric motor gets its energy through a high-performance battery. Many guns have a basis out of metal. This guarantees a long life-time. A S-AEG gun (s=semi) can shot semi-automatic only. Therefore the trigger has to be pressed for every shot.
AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol)
Softair guns with AEP are a gun variation oft the AEG’s

What to consider when buying ammunition?

Please use high-quality ammunition only and ammunition that has been made for softair guns. Inferior ammunition not only leads to poorer shooting results but also to damages. When choosing BB’s you should consider the following:
A good BB should have a constant diameter of 5,95mm. This also means that all bullets of one box have the same accurate diameter. The maximum allowance is +/- 0,03mm and so a good shot group is warranted.

Bullet mould
In addition it is important that the BB is perfectly round. Should the bullet be slightly oval this can constrict charging the gun or it gets stuck in the magazine or in the barrel. The reuse of BB’s is not advisable as bullets can deform when bouncing on hard objects.
Moreover the surface of the bullets is important. If the surface is too rough this can cause an excessive friction. It reduces the speed in the magazine and can lead to jamming, especially of automatic softair guns. If the bullet can’t slide through the barrel accurately it can affect precision and performance of the gun.
Air inclusion „Blub“
When manufacturing softair BB’s a small air inclusion is caused due to technical production. High-quality ammunition has this so called “Bulb” in the centre of the bullet, so that the centre of gravity can’t be lateral relocated. Due to this a controlled and precise trajectory is possible.

With our GSG-ammunition you play safe. We only run high-quality BB’S especially made for softair guns.

Which ammo for what weapn?

This BB weight is for all airsoft guns that are sold in Germany as "Minor Softairs". Airsoft guns with energy under 0.5 Joule are also operative; which often happens in CQB, because these BB's are more effective and faster in short distance than any other. However, due to the low external mass the BB's become vulnerable outdoors (e.g. wind). These BB’s are recommended for all ASG's to 0.2 joule without restriction; at higher energies only be used effectively in CQB (best results at 150)

BB's with a mass of 0.14 g are more recommended for weaker AEGs and spring / EBB / AEP pistols. In a best value of 180 fps, which should not be exceeded with these BB's, makes them particularly popular in CQB with EBB's or weaker AEP's as the PO1, but also provide good results with weaker AEG rifles outside. These BB's are thoroughly recommended for all ASG to 0.25 joule. ASG with energy over 0.25 joule should only use these BB's in CQB; otherwise they will be too heavily influenced by external factors

BB's weighting 0.15 g are especially recommended for AEG's with an energy approaching up to 200 fps limit. These BB's are also suitable for slightly stronger ASG in CQB; however, for optimal straight shot results outdoors on the maximum distance, ASG over 0.3 joule should not be used. Especially good is a BB this weight in a Spring-gun without Hop Up, because of its light weight, these BB's stay longer in the air than heavier BB's. However, these BB's are not so susceptible to wind, than 0.12er BB's with the same characterizes.

These BB's should be used up to a speed of 225fbs. Therefore, these BB's are recommended for Airguns type AEG in a medium price range, the GSG-522 series or Spring / AEP pistols. Stronger Airsoft guns achieve with these BB's due to the small mass at large distances, not really more accurate shot pattern, since the BB's are too distracted by wind and air resistance. Best results with AEG's up to 0.38 joule, so even weak GBB's like the Colt MK series.

Perfectweightfor weakerGBB's. Even good AEGs like the GSG / Cybergun Kalshnikovs achieve with these BB's perfect shooting results. Recommended forASG'swith avalue of up to250fbs. Also Sporting rifles up to 0.5 joule with 0.18 g BB's reaching good ranges with acceptable precision.

All-round weight. Recommended for weaker or untuned SAEGS or even for the GSG”new generation” and good AEG's, such as the Bax AKs. GBB's achieve the best shoot results with these BB's.

Best weight for standard ASG's of the brands CA and ICS. At the most of 350fps, these BB's can be safely used in outdoor applications and are not as susceptible to external influences such as lighter BB's. Even slightly tuned AEGs can achieve best shoot results with these BB's. Use of up to 1.3 joule, therefore, suitable for GBB's with Yellow or Green Gas.

BB's for use in tuned ASG to a maximum of 1.8 Joule. These weapons can reach a top speed of around 350-400fps with these BB's, so that there are no doubts that these BB's could be thrown off balance by external influences. These BB's are in use by tuned spring guns up to 120 m / s absolutely necessary because the BB's otherwise stray from their path. Recommended for gas guns with light gases.

Recommended weight for highly tuned SAEG's with springs up to 150 m / s. These BB's are often used for SAEG's sniper rifles and LMGs. With their use value range of 400-500fps, more powerful weapons, which have to reach longer distance with high precision, should be used. Also Gas-long rifles that should not exceed 3.0 joule are often used.

TheseBB's are used by owners of tuned Spring sniper rifles. These BB's can reach a long distance on a high level of precision and reach energy of up to 3 joule, 450 fps, by using moderategases.

BB's for the Airsoft sniper. These BB´s have only reached their proper speed of 450fps to show their full computational precision and wide. BB's weighting 0.33g should be used in Gas weapons, which can reach up to 3.3 joule with Yellowgas. Even spring-loaded weapons tuned up to 190%, which corresponds to a spring force of 190 m, should use these BB's. 


Charging times and stocking
Only with accurate charged and stocked batteries a long life-time of the battery and consequently of the gun is guaranteed! When stocking batteries long-term a temperature of 10° to 30° C and relative air moisture of 50% are advised. Batteries should be stocked fully charged and should be recharged every 12 months. To obtain full power of a battery the battery should run through several cycles (charging / recharging) when stocking long-term.
Before charging the battery should be completely flat to prevent the so called “memory-effect.” To warranty a long life-time of the batteries charging times should be followed and shouldn’t be exceeded.
Calculating battery charging times
Charging time = battery capacity x 1,4 / charging rate
Example: 2.500 mAh x 1,4 / 500 mAh = 7 hours

Here you find our charging time calculator: Charging Time Calculator
Attention: The charging time apply to empty batteries!
Nickel metal hydride
Nickel metal hydride batteries are identical in construction compared to standard batteries but are environmentally friendly. The catholyte consists of nickel hydroxide, the anode of metal hydride. The energy density of these batteries is partially double-high compared to Ni-Cd-batteries. The saved energy will be released with constant voltage shortly.

Lithium-Polymer Akkus (LiPo-Akkus) sind extrem leistungsfähige Akkutypen bei sehr kleiner Bauweise. Sie haben bei scheinbar geringer Spannung und Ladung beeindruckende Leistungswerte. Ein 7,2 Volt LiPo-Akku entspricht z. B. in etwa einem 9,6 Volt Akku, ein 11,1 Volt LiPo-Akku, in etwa einem 14 Volt Akku.
Bitte beachten: Das Überladen, Tiefentladen, zu hohe Belastung/Ströme, Betrieb oder Aufbewahrung bei Temperaturen über 60°C oder unter 0°C sowie das Lagern in entladenen Zustand zerstört die Zellen. Bei LiPo Akkus ist es unbedingt notwendig nur dafür geeignete Ladegeräte mit integriertem Balancer zu verwenden.

Accuracy systems Hop Up and BAX

The GSG Hop up and the BAX system in particular lead to a stable trajectory and a higher range of the bullet. At the same time the wind drift is reduced. With the right setting an optimized shot group is guaranteed. The Hop Up and BAX System hock the bullet into a stabilizer that is adjusted on the barrel in rotation. Through this increased spin an air cushion is built up in front of the bullet while flying.  The air cushion enables a stable flight and a higher range as the bullet is taken on the cushion.
On many guns the intensity of the Hop Up or BAX system is adjustable. If you adjust the intensity too low there won’t be enough rotation to create an air cushion and the bullet does not achieve the desired distance. But if you adjust the intensity too strong the rotation is too intensive and the bullet flies upturn and misses the target.
In the upper part of the barrel the Hop Up-System gets the bullet into rotation by a stabilizer.
However the BAX System gets the bullet into rotation by 2 offset stabilizers. This has the advantage that the bullet is stabilized clearly when flying laterally. The result is an almost perfect shout group.


The word “reticule” is used demotic as “cross hairs.” Due to many forms of “reticules” this is not always right. There are standardized terms of different “reticules” – forms.
With the below-mentioned illustration we would like to explain you our “reticule”- forms. Some of the illustrated “reticules” should be highlighted in several steps to assure a better contrast when using in difficult meteorological conditions. 

Terms in the airsoft field

A gearbox is the inner casing of an electrically operated gun. It’s manufactured out of plastic or metal. The gearbox contains all mechanical parts that are essential for an electric motor.
A gearbox is the inner casing of an electrically operated gun. It’s manufactured out of plasticA gearbox-jam can appear when the battery can’t bring full power anymore or if you press the trigger too quickly one after another. It is possible that the gearbox can’t be reset and in this case a gearbox-jam has to be repaired by specialists. or metal. The gearbox contains all mechanical parts that are essential for an electric motor.
Joule is the energy information the BB is pushed through the barrel. In Germany the energy must not be higher than 7,5 Joule otherwise the gun has to be licensed for the owner. Energy with more than 0,5 Joule must be marked with “F” in the pentagon and is only saleable from 18 years on. For energy with less than 0,5 Joule there is no age limitation.
Red-Dot / Dot-Sight
Through these auxiliary targets a light spot is projected into the objective. The lightening intensity is adjustable in several levels. Often there are changing forms of the light spot. Red-Dots and Dot-Sights are available with open and closed optics.
R.I.S. means Rail Interface System and is the term for a forearm with various tracks.
R.A.S. means Rail Adapter System. This system is an advancement of the RIS system and enables the shooter to erect various attaching parts on the gun.

Legal restrictions of airsoft guns in Germany

The gun control act won’t be applicable on toy guns with bullet energy of not more than 0,5 Joule.
Softair guns with a bullet energy of more than 0,5 Joule and less than 7,5 Joule are saleable from 18 years on. However these guns must be marked with an “F” in the pentagon and must not own full-automatic systems. Without firearms owner’s license these guns must be used on a pacified estate. The transport has to take place unloaded and separated from ammunition.
Softair guns with more than 7,5 Joule full regulations of gun control act are executed.

Generally every trade partner has to obey country-specific regulations of the local gun control act.

Regulations for semblance guns
Often airsoft guns are a replication of real guns and hardly to distinguish from those. Therefore these guns are subjected to special regulations in German gun control act: it is not allowed to bear these guns in public.
Who should bear a semblance gun in public commits an administrative offence. The transport of semblance guns for example from the trader to your flat or from your flat to the shooting ground has to be done in a closed box for example in a locked case.

How does pepper spray works?

Pepper spray is a riot agent that functions against human beings and other mammals. Often the agent is Oleoresin capsicum (OC). Oleoresin capsicum is extracted from the pulp of the chili plant. This is a natural, transparent agent that is not caustic.

If the agent gets into contact with eyes it leads to a swelling of the mucous membrane and forces the immediate closing of the eyes within 5 to 10 minutes. Inhaling pepper spray leads to cough and shortage of breath. Affected skin “burns” and shows itching for 15 to 30 minutes.
All symptoms occur immediately or within seconds.
As it is a natural agent there are no health damages expected if used once.

Legal restrictions of pepper sprays in Germany

Pepper sprays are so called “riot agent tools” and therefore guns in the legal sense of the German gun control act. There is only one exception: pepper sprays that are marked as “personal defense sprays.” Those sprays are no guns in the legal sense of the German gun control act.  If marked as “personal defense sprays” these sprays can be purchased and owned.
Albeit bearing of “personal defense sprays” at conventions that belong to law of conventions is emerged as an infringement against the German gun control act.
In all cases the use of pepper spray against a human being is actionable as an aggravated assault. Criminal liability is not applicable anymore if the spray was used due to self-defense.

What are Real Training Weapons?

Real Training Weapons are the new generation of air guns and air pistols for a realistic training of gun handling. The perfect partner for sportive shooters. They work with CO2      as propellant and do not shot lead diabolos but shot BB steel bullets with caliber 4,5mm.
Real Training Weapons are a one-to-one replication of famous, armed shoulder arms. They do hardly distinguish between weight and measure of real guns and enable practicing movements like drawing guns, sighting and the targeted shot. Versed shooters especially beginners from 18 years on appreciate this alternative. With Real Training Weapons the shooter can refine different processes and at the same time improve results targeted and cost-efficient.











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