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Auto-Ordnance 1911 Squadron

Item number: 430503 Auto-Ordnance 1911 Squadron Technical data for

Auto-Ordnance 1911 Squadron


Auto-Ordnance 1911 Squadron


Gas Blow Back


6 mm

Magazine capacity

15 Schuss


920 g

Overall length

215 mm


ca. 1,0 Joule



Gas systemHOP UP-system for a more stable trajectoryMinimum age 18! Distribution only with ATL!

Attention: Please note the minimum order quantity!


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Item description:

Auto-Ordnance is a U.S. arms development firm founded by retired Colonel John T. Thompson of the U.S. Army Ordnance Department in 1916. Auto-Ordnance is best known for the Thompson submachine gun, notorious as a gangster weapon of the Roaring Twenties and famous as a military weapon of the Allied forces in World War II.

Auto Ordnance's created a series of custom 1911's paying tribute to the men and women who supported America's drive towards victory in World War II.

There are 3 separate Models to choose from, in which each has a unique WW2 origins story to pay tribute to - Fly Girl, Victory Girl and Squadron.

The Squadron pistol honors the pilots who flew in defense of the USA during WWII. It features custom graphics reminiscent of those painted on fighter aircraft during the war. The muzzle displays the “shark mouth” nose art often seen on American fighter planes like the P-40 Warhawk. The Army Air Corps insignia is on both sides and a rivet pattern engraved over the gun. The overall appearance makes for a pistol that looks like a WWII fighter plane getting ready to race into the skies hunting bandits.

Special Features

  • Official licensed by Auto-Ordnance
  • Authentic and Iconic 1911 designs
  • Real wood textured Grip with U.S Logo marking
  • Grip and Thumb Saftey
  • Full metal internals, slide and lower frame
  • Slightly weathered looking body
  • Adjustable Spin-Up