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Swiss Arms SAS 06

Item number: 280736 Swiss Arms SAS 06 Technical data for

Swiss Arms SAS 06


Swiss Arms SAS 06


Spring Power


6 mm

Magazine capacity

35 shots


3.033 g

Overall length

1.120 mm


approx. 1,9 Joule


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Spring systemHOP UP-system for a more stable trajectoryMinimum age 18! Distribution only with ATL!

Attention: Please note the minimum order quantity!


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Item description:

The Swiss Arms S.A.S. 06 is a powerful sniper rifle with versatile options. The body is stylishly colored matte to avoid reflections. On the top of the barrel there is a rail for a scope or red dot. There are plenty of accessory rails on the front of the stock for such as a laser and a light. The weapon has a long metal barrel for good shooting properties and accurate hits.

The stock has an adjustable cheek rest and an adjustable rubber end plate, which allows to set the length of the gun to fit itself. By turning the folding stock, the weapon's length is only 90cm, so it can accommodate even narrower places.

You can get a good grip on the gun even while you're shooting crouched or using the bipods. The folding bipod and the stock have adjustable legs, so it's easy to adjust the shooting height. There are have fastening loops on both sides of the frame for slings. The magazine is at the same point as in the real weapon which gives more realistic look to the gun.

The gun comes with a velocity limiter, which, if necessary, is screwed to the end of the muzzle. The limiter drops the weapon's power to Joule, which is 100 m / s @ 0.20g when the bb is fired.

Swiss Arms S.A.S. 06 offers an excellent precision rifle with good features at an affordable price. By adding a decent scope to the weapon this will become a sniper rifle that suits for multiple players. 

In addition to the weapon, the kit includes a magazine, a bb loader, a sling, a velocity reducer, bipods, and a bracket for the front legs. There is also an adjustable hop hop that stabilizes and extends the bb's flight path.


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